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Makeup Kit for kids? | Professional Make-up Case for styling | Review

Makeup Kit for kids? | Professional Make-up Case for styling | Review

With this Make Up Case you can style everyone like a professional

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Have your little girl cruising around in style with this Hello Kitty Train Case. Perfect for home or on the go. With this real cosmetic box look it’ll make your little girl feel like she’s getting ready just like a big girl! With so many combinations from 24 different color lip glosses, 4 different colored nail polishes and nail gems your child will never get bored! Endless combinations for anyone’s creative mind. It’s perfect for any Hello Kitty fan or little fashionista on the go!

2 Lip Gloss Compacts (12 Lip Gloss Wells Each)
4 Nail Polishes
1 Nail File
1 Sheet of Nail Gems
1 Keychain Pouch
2 toe separators
10pc Press on Nails
2 Lip Balms

Want to learn some new words? This is what “make up” is in other languages: grim , դիմահարդարում , qrim , Makillaje , maquillatge , 化妆 , 化妝 , meik , pampaganda , meikki , maquillage , maquillaxe , मेकअप , smink , gera , rias wajah , trucco , 化粧 , 메이크업 , aplauzums , rias wajah , sminke , آرایش , maquiagem , machiaj , maquillaje , smink , makyaj , trang điểm, составить

This is what “crystal” is in other languages: kristal , بلور , բյուրեղապակի , vidre , 水晶 , krystal , kristall , kristalli , cristal , ბროლის , קריסטל , क्रिस्टल , criostail , di cristallo , 結晶 , 수정 , kristalas , krystall , کریستال , kioo , คริสตัล , بلوریں , pha lê , grisial , קריסטאַל , кристалл

This is what “jewelry” is in other languages: juweliersware , stoli , مجوهرات , ոսկերչություն , bitxiak , joieria , 首饰 , 首飾 , nakit , smykker , juwelen , ehted , alahas , korut , bijoux , xoias , სამკაული , Schmuck , bijou , תכשיטים , आभूषण , skartgripir , perhiasan , gioielli , ジュエリー , 보석류 , rotaslietas , juvelyriniai dirbiniai , perhiasan , dehbijiet , smykker , جواهر فروشی , bijuterii , nakit , kujitia , smycken , เครื่องเพชรพลอย , جیور , đồ trang sức , צירונג , Ювелирные изделия

This is what Hello Kitty is called in Japanese: ハロー・キティ

This is what Hello Kitty makeup kit is called in Russian: Хеллоу Китти набор косметики

This is what Hello Kitty makeup kit is called in Korean: 헬로키티 메이크업 세트

Enjoy! 😀

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