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How to Run a Faster 100m Sprint! Track Workout

How to Run a Faster 100m Sprint! Track Workout

How to Run a Faster 100m for sprinters or anyone else who is trying to improve their running speed on or off the Track. This workout is brought to you by my two special guest runners, Nick Davis & Johnathan Douglass. As 100m & 200m dash runners, Nick & John, explain that this workout aims to help you feel the difference in changing your turnover speed so that you can learn how to sprint faster. Watch the whole video to get the specifics of the workout. – (NEW!) 200 Meter Dash Endurance Workout: https://youtu.be/CcYuDEh5Vk0 OR Quick 150M Speed workout here: https://youtu.be/ITflHmq0e_o
This is ideal for 100 meter sprinters, football players, & people in other sports because it trains you to notice yourself going from one speed to another.

– This track workout will help you as a sprinter when you’re in the middle of a race and you’re right there next to someone and you need just really need to turn it over to pass or stay ahead of them.

– We also give tips about the proper track spikes to wear for sprints.

– If you have questions about the 100M dash or any other sprint, you can comment below or ask Nick & John by following them on instagram. They are both very fast. John has a PR of 10.63 in the 100 and Nick has a PR of 10.98 in the 100.
Follow John on instagram: @Dougie12
Follow Nick on instagram: @_NJDavis

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Hey everyone, here’s my track workout from the other day! For those of you who follow me on SnapChat and saw the behind the scenes, here’s the final clip! I hope you love it, this video was so much fun to make! :) – Laci Kay xoxo

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