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Dollar Tree Makeup Challenge!

Dollar Tree Makeup Challenge!

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Note: After seeing the kinds of comments I am getting on this video… I am a little shocked to say the least. This video is supposed to be light hearted and fun. I shop at the dollar tree all of the time and have many videos to show this. I am in now way talking down to people who shop there, or need to shop there. I am simply reviewing and talking about makeup that they sell there.. just like I review other products from other stores. If you watched the whole video you would see that a lot of the products get good reviews! Some don’t, but I am always honest with my reviews and I intend to stay that way. If you like dollar tree products and you feel confident in them, then that is great and you should keep buying them!

Finally, this IS a challenge… because the rules were to only buy products from dollar tree.. and as you saw I did come across some bumps. No concealer, and the bronzers didn’t work for my skintone at all. When you are limited to one small section of makeup… its challenging, dollar tree or not.

If I offended anyone I am sorry… but really, I didn’t make this video to offend. it’s simply supposed to be fun, and informative!

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