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BodySpace 2013 Body Transformation Fat Loss Time Lapse

BodySpace 2013 Body Transformation Fat Loss Time Lapse

Here is the time lapse from all the videos I shot over my Sick and Shredded playlist that took place as I was doing the Dymatize BodySpace 2013 Transformation Challenge.

My total cut was 20 weeks but I only found out about the BodySpace competition being open to the UK by the end of January. I had already dropped a fair bit of water weight and fat from the start of the year by this time so I did what everyone else does for their “before” photo… I ate a shit ton of carbs and salt! Furious Pete Style!

All the videos are here in this playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL21yxtM1quiQGD-zd5Zs4CJ857XRnQh6y

All diet information is layed out in those videos but basically I follow IIFYM and Intermittent Fasting. Throughout the transformation I also went and ate out and had a few beers whilst I was at it because hey… I’m only human!

Perhaps with more strictness I could have done better but I am happy with what I did!

Check out the old transformation video to know my story so far: http://youtu.be/OWRSIl0DZ9U

Thanks for watching!

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I’m 5’8″ – Certified Manlet

I get my Sports Supplements from these sites:

– Vitacost ( off first purchase over ): https://www.vitacostrewards.com/hzloGaA
– Bulk Powders (£5 off first purchase over £15): DF26792
– Vantage Sports Nutrition (Their Coconut PROWhey is awesome): http://www.vantagesn.com/products/prowhey

My favourite colour is Blue.

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