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Best Tasting Protein Bars: 3 Healthy Protein Bars That Taste Like Dessert

Best Tasting Protein Bars: 3 Healthy Protein Bars That Taste Like Dessert

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In this video, fitness model Troy Adashun reveals the three best tasting protein bars that will help you build lean muscle mass. These are three healthy protein bars that taste so good that they are like dessert! Who says that protein bars have to be bland and chalky tasting? This list of the three best tasting protein bars will leave your mouth watering!

1:15 – Best Tasting Protein Bars #3: Muscle Brownie

Muscle Brownies are loaded with protein and chocolate goodness. They are high-protein bars that pack a serious protein punch. They are not the most healthy protein bars since they contain a bit more sugar than the others, but if you are craving a brownie, you can’t go wrong with a Muscle Brownie.

2:28 – Best Tasting Protein Bars #1: Quest Bars

Quest bars are low-sugar protein bars and are loaded with protein. In this video, Troy says that three of the Quest bars are so delicious that they taste like candy! Three Quest bar flavors contain “candy chunks,” which is what makes them the best tasting protein bars that are under 200 calories.

The best tasting Quest bar options are white chocolate raspberry, cookies and cream, and chocolate chip cookie dough.

3:41 – Best Tasting Protein Bars #2: Power Crunch

Power Crunch bars come in several delicious flavors and will do a great job of satisfying your sweet tooth. They are also low-sugar protein bars that are high in protein.

Troy says that all of the flavors are delicious and especially recommends the chocolate peanut butter fudge flavor.

Who says that whey protein bars have to be boring? This video shares three delicious options that taste like your favorite desserts!

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