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Beginner Makeup Tutorial (Early Teen Makeup)

Beginner Makeup Tutorial (Early Teen Makeup)

Hey everyone!
So I decided to make a quick full face makeup tutorial for early teens\ people just starting to wear makeup. It’s really simple and cute! I hope you enjoy. I’m in the process of editing a video on things that I don’t understand/that bother me so that should be an interesting one. A huge thank you to my little sister for letting me do her makeup for this video! Young teens should start off wearing BB creams instead of foundations because they are not as full of a coverage and are healthier for the skin. They provide moisture and have SPF for when outside. A simple natural look, I hope you all enjoyed!

Sephora favorites kit was around at sephora inside JCP locations only, it includes the Smashbox BB cream (light), Nars blush/bronzer (blush in orgasmn and bronzer in laguna), Urban Decay eyeshadow duo (mushroom/sin), Sephora liquid eyeliner (black), and Benefit they’re real mascara
Urban Decay big fatty mascara: Sephora
Bare Minerals advanced protection SPF 20 moisturizer: Sephora
All brushes are from Sephora: (bb cream sephora brush #47) (eyeshadow sephora brush #12) (blush bare escentials heavenly blush brush)
Stila Lipgloss: Sephora

Any requests for my next videos? Comment below please (:

Thanks for watching
xoxo Kayla
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