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1 महीने में 10kg घटाये | NO DIET-NO EXERCISE | Lose 10 kg in 1 month with GREEN MAGICAL JUICE

1 महीने में 10kg घटाये | NO DIET-NO EXERCISE | Lose 10 kg in 1 month with GREEN MAGICAL JUICE

Quick Weight loss with GARBAGE JUICE: https://youtu.be/aKdbKGO8W6s
Quick Weight loss with POTATOES: https://youtu.be/JFzaRQVUKDw

50gm coriander leaves
2inchs karela(bitter guard)
1/2inch ginger
Potato (opinions, people who r suffering from stone problem only for those,rest people just skip) 50gm
Garlic.1 PC
Curry leaves (key ingredient,don’t skip)
Lemon juice(opinional) 10drops
Black salt 1/2 tsp
Make juice as per video instructions
1)Have juice as a first meal,after15 mins take heavy breakfast, n 150 ml normal milk tea
2) light lunch after 15 grean tea 150 ml
3) very light in between 7:30-8:30pm no green tea.
4) 1/2 sweet almond oil before bed.

10 kg lose means people who have weight to loss.if u r 65 kg to 85 kg ur result wary in 2-5 kg.

If u r 50-60 kg u will get good skin,hair,look n healthy body .
Diabetic patients (325):- skip potato
Hypothyroidism use 25 gm coriander leaves
BP patients:- skip black salt ,use normal salt or skip salt if possible

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